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The internet has completely changed our perception of communication. These changes have brought us new opportunities and new methods of information transmission, opened new ways of communication. It is safe to say that since the advent of the Internet, the era of globalization has come.

How large are these changes? 10 years ago, in order to write an article, and publish it, it was inevitable to go through a network of traditional information media-newspapers, magazines, radio and television, telephony. This method was accompanied by multilevel technological processes that consuming a lot of time, strength and nerves.

Today everything has changed. Powerful media platforms, such as blogs, wikis, social networks, etc., democratized access to information. Today, everyone can communicate their ideas to the whole world in just seconds. And all he has to do is connect to the Internet.

I want to elaborate on blogs. It’s no secret that millions of people around the world own a blog today. Many of them are highly successful bloggers. But how did they achieve their success? I will not mistaken if I say that the cornerstone of any blog is quality content or, as it is also called, content. Although it is not enough. Even hundreds of quality articles are not a guarantee that you will quickly notice. You’re not the only one who wants a piece of cake. What else is needed?

The blog should not only fill with quality content, but also promote it, optimize for search engines (SEO) and still do a lot of useful actions.

On the basis of all these reflections, I decided to create this blog where you will find for yourself and your blog a lot of practical information.

ProSeoBlogger.com covers such topics as:

  • Blogging Basics
  • Design
  • Seo
  • Blog as a source of income (monetization)
  • Web Tools
  • Domain names
  • Software for Blog
  • WordPress
  • Link Building

Recommendations of Successful Bloggers and other topics. As you progress, the blog will be updated with new topics so you can send me request for guest post at articleforwebsites@gmail.com and i will not take money for guest post.