What Is FTP, And Why Need It?


What is FTP and why it is needed, for most bloggers have long been known. But as on my blog There is a section “soft”, the mention about useful for bloggers the software consider simply obligatory.

What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol)-a protocol intended for the exchange of files in computer networks. With FTP, you can connect to FTP servers, view content in their directories, and download files to and from the server as well. Working with FTP is similar to working with any file managers, such as Total Commander. By the way, the latter also organized the possibility of using FTP connection.

Knowing some features of FTP, it is possible to use it more effectively:

FTP originated from the UNIX system. This means that any FTP server will always require user authorization, i.e. entering login and password. The user will be allowed access only to those folders and files, and accordingly to the operations on them, which is specified in its access rights.
What if the user is not registered? Almost every FTP server provides an anonymous connection. In this case, to login, you should enter the keyword anonymous instead of the user name and enter the e-mail address instead of the password.
You can use a regular browser to work with an FTP server. All you need to do is to type the URL of the FTP server you want in the Address bar. Typically, the URL starts with ftp://.
The form of access to the FTP server via the browser is as follows:
For an FTP server that requires authorization:
ftp://username:parol @ adres_ftp-server:port

For an anonymous FTP server:

It seems simple. However, this method of access will not be able to download the file if the connection is broken. So, if you do not have time to download the file completely, you will have to download it again. This is one of the good reasons to use an FTP client instead of a browser to access FTP servers. With the help of FTP-client it is possible to download, download, and also put files in a queue for loading both from server and on server.

Today there is a great choice among FTP clients and for various operating systems. Every blogger has a favorite FTP client. One of the best, in my opinion, I think FileZilla. The program is quite functional, has a friendly and pleasant interface, supports various operating systems. Also there is a version for installation on a USB stick. The latest version can be downloaded here.


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