The Impact Of New Technologies Of Search Engines For Indexing


Oh, these innovations and technologies šŸ™‚ For a normal internet user, they are just doing wonders. Graphics, media, the variety of styles claims information – bring a lot of pleasure from the use of the Internet. But for SEO appear difficulties. The specificity of the Optimizing changes its approach, and the level of expertise and experience today should be on the order above. Why is that? The Internet, first of all, created for man. Search engines are the machines and they are not able to understand all as people. For example, analysis of simple text, we need simple mechanisms. And what to speak about video (recognition of persons, voice, mood, behavior), music (the text of songs, the Executive Director), the graph (facial features, the mood, age, style)? People pay for all this. And this affects the rankings, ratings, the popularity of the Internet resources.

To date, almost 80% of search engine optimization is carried out on the text and code pages. And search engines all this normally perceive. But, for search engines indexing difficult and recognition sites that contain frames, java scripts, flash animation and other modern technologies.

The growth illustrate media-Internet technologies in pictures.

The accuracy of these statistics somewhat subjective, as you know. Nevertheless, gives a visual picture of the development of Internet technologies. With the confidence. It can be said that the pace of development and the complexity of technology ahead of the development of the search engines.

Here is inclusion that search engines are able to detect and index only 20% – 30% of the total volume of information on the Internet. And in this small range specialists had to work. Do you want more? Will have to go beyond the technical issues of SEO and examine questions of marketing, psychology of demand and proposals, the analyst market and competition, media analysts, etc.


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