How To Start Create A Website


Today, the Internet is one of the most dynamically developing industries. The firm any sooner or later comes to the decision of creation of the site on the Internet. What are the stages of site design development?

Our work with starts receiving from you order. Creating a Web site begins with the development of the concept. First of all, the customer must understand what he wants. This stage is very understandable, it is important that the design concept will depend on the future target audience. First of all, the design of the site, designed for youth and audience design site-business cards of a large company volot very different. After that, the issues of design and structure of the site should be agreed upon. By worth the decoration to say separately. The customer should be about presenting what kind of website design he would like to see. This is if it is difficult to express clear words, you can show the sites that like.

After that there is a coordination of technical in the tasks. It should clearly spell out the requirements for all elements of the Web site, up to the color and links font sizes.

Next you should develop a Web site. The cost of design is influenced by the customer’s requirements to the originality of the idea. In addition, the development takes into account the customer provided logos or other material. On the basis of the received data we create a model of the future project, create sketches. Next is the development of stylistics of web-representation and sketches preparation of pages for coordination with the customer. At this stage the final product that the customer officially accepts and agrees to pay is determined.

Layout. At this stage, the results of the work of artists and designers acquire a look. The finished work is almost ready. At this stage, testing and debugging are also performed. To be important, the site was tested with different resolutions of monitors in and several major browsers. This is done so that the customer can be in guarantee that the site is correctly visible not only in Opera, but also others. The elements of all in the resulting HTML files are flattened. Delivery of the project to the customer.



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