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Oh, these innovations and technologies:) For an ordinary Internet user, they just do wonders. Graphics, media, variety of styles of presenting information-deliver a lot of pleasure from the use of the Internet. But for SEO appear difficulties. The specificity of optimization changes its approach, and the level of knowledge and experience of experts today should be on an orderly higher. Why? The internet, first of all, is created for the person. Search engines are machines and they are not able to understand everything as people. For example, to analyze plain text, you need simple mechanisms. And what to talk about video (recognition of faces, voices, moods, behaviors), music (lyrics, artist), graphics (facial features, mood, age, style)? People are paying attention to it. And it affects the ranking, ratings, popularity of internet resources.

To date, almost 80% of search engine optimization is done over the text and code pages. and search engines are all OK to perceive. But, for search engines, indexing and recognition of sites containing frames, Java-scripts, flash-animation and other modern technologies is difficult.

With confidence. We can say that the pace of development and complexity of technologies ahead of the development of search engines.

So an that search engines are able to recognize and index only 20%-30% of the total amount of Internet information. And in this small range specialists have to work. Want more? will have to go beyond technical SEO questions and study marketing issues, psychology of supply and demand, market analytics and competition, media analytics, etc.

There are list of Articles submission Websites

Sr. No Site PA DA
1 http://articlesforwebsite.com 29 17
2 https://wn.com/ 90 89
3 http://www.imfaceplate.com/ 59 51
4 http://www.apsense.com/ 69 63
5 http://www.sooperarticles.com/ 65 58
6 http://articles.org/ 54 46
7 http://pubarticles.com/ 51 47
8 https://pitchengine.com 66 64
9 https://uberant.com/ 40 38
10 https://maptia.com 61 54
11 https://www.sitebuilder.com 70 68
12 https://onmogul.com 61 54
13 https://topsitenet.com 43 32
14 http://articleneed.com 36 29
15 http://www.sayweee.com 34 26
16 http://www.abilogic.com/ 62 55
17 http://www.tellanews.com 41 29
18 http://www.spyderoutletinc.net 48 39
19 http://groupspaces.com 79 77


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