Why pheromones affect a person’s dreams.

In our time, a strong and long-lasting sleep can provide ordinary sleeping pills, and the light dreams of a task is much more difficult achievable. American scientists claim to have opened a way to manage our dreams. In case we dreamt nightmares, it is necessary to smell something with a pleasant smell. As Spanish researchers believe, the things we do are depending on the odors that surround us. To such conclusion scientists have come, having spent simple, but, at the same time, thoughtful researches. The point is that the researchers called the Group of testers and laid them all to sleep.
When the participants slept, the experimenters ran into the room a variety of odors, from the most ghoulish to the delightful. Awakened, the participants of the experiment began to tell what they saw in their dreams. The results are such that if a person felt an unpleasant odor while sleeping, the dream was nightmarish. Basically, I was dreaming of different conflict situations, remembering their and others ‘ blunders. And under the influence of pleasant pheromones, on the contrary, were extremely pleasant.
As researchers have noticed, these experiments are the first in the field of the influence of odors on our dreams. Prior to that, the experimenters did not even assume that there would be such a pronounced connection between the different smells and our dreams. And so, in the morning, looked at the dream, remembered the decoding of sleep, but do not trust him completely. The reason that you saw this dream, may be not really significant events, but an ordinary fragrance.


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