Misconceptions About SEO. Part 2


No field of work is without human factor. SEO is also not insured. In this article I will continue to disclose the topic of the delusions that may arise both on the borderline between the customer and the executor, and simply in the minds of ordinary people interested in search engine optimization.

1. As you do not try, it is still impossible to perform all the required tasks for search engine optimization

Well, it’s impossible to get the moon from the sky. SEO is not an omnipotent area, where everything happens by pike dictate, by the client want. You need to define the scope of specific tasks that can actually be performed using search engine optimization. For example, such tasks may concern the following:

  • Terms for performing search engine optimization
  • How much will the work of an SEO specialist or a group of specialists
  • Is it possible at all, in principle, to do something to improve the performance of the site or it will be just a waste of time? Yes, it happens. As they say: “Medicine here is powerless”

2. Even if the site is crude or there is a page on “reconstruction”, you can still conduct search engine optimization

It’s like bringing furniture to a house that doesn’t have walls. What, where to put? In general, the result will be equal to zero.

3. Search Engine optimization is even trusted by a low-level specialist

If you are engaged in business, the level of hired specialist is a reflection of the level of attitude to your business. If you entrust a talented Dvoechniku to optimize your site, you will get a talented optimized site for the deuce.

4. The result from search engine optimization can be seen immediately

Quickly only cats are born. If that’s what you promise, it’s divorce and scam. First, the site should be indexed after optimization. and better not one. Secondly, the periods between indexing of different search engines are different. The first results can be seen, on average, in 1 – 2 months.

5. To speed up search engine optimization You can resort to “black” methods of promotion

The most vivid example of such dubious methods is spam. This is from the rubric “I want everything and at once.” Even if such methods give their rezkltat, how much will it suffice? Search engines can generally ban such a site or very badly downgrade its ratings.

6. After the first positive result, you can no longer conduct search engine optimization

Algorithms of search systems are constantly improved, competition in the market grows. The fact that today is working on Cheers, tomorrow may be no longer in demand. SEO is an ongoing process.

7. In search engine optimization do not pay attention to the design of the site, but only work with the text

Redesign as the optimization itself is integral to each other. Site design greatly contributes to the correct navigation and layout of page elements, thus increasing both conversion and usability.

8. Search engine optimization is done without correcting the source code

Well, this is from David Blaine’s street Magic category. Any site correction requires changes in the code. If you do not have access to it, it is not technically possible to implement search engine optimization.

9. Content quality does not play a big role in search engine optimization

If the content of the site, graphics, style presenting cruds or services zhelujut better, even with a large number of visitors, such a site will be at a loss. They won’t want to go in again. Content is the basis of the site. It is not necessary to explain with what power the words can influence the minds of people.

10. “You need to take the first place on a lot of keywords and phrases”

Such a proposal is a direct misunderstanding of what tasks are assigned to SEO. The main task of SEO-to optimize the site for those keywords and phrases that are most suitable for the company, as well as to the products that it offers from the site. No more, no less. It is foolish to optimize the site for the keyword “chocolate bar” if the company is engaged in the sale of agricultural machinery.


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