Misconceptions About SEO. Part 1


There are people for whom SEO, even though they understand its importance – a kind of dark and mysterious sphere, and to understand the need to have a ton of knowledge and years of experience. The other think is nonsense, and that all the specialists пудрят непосвященным head and earn money. Here at the border of the two beliefs and misconceptions about SEO.

1. When optimizing a site, you need to focus on all the search engines

and it is even possible? Each search engine algorithms to optimize, indexing, ranking and relevance. For example, today on the blog marketing mix i have read the information about the service, which compares the position on request in search engines Google and Yahoo. The result of the match is displayed graphically and clearly illustrates that the same queries in different search engines are processed differently. So, first of all, you need to focus on those search engines and visitors whom you are interested in. Especially with regard to the business and sales.

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2. Search engine optimization is very easy to make

if it was so easy, then all would have already been mega guru on SEO. In fact, seo is a time-consuming work requiring time, multiple analyzes and statistics.

3. The increase in the total number of visitors – this is the most important for search engine optimization. More visitors – More Profit

What is more important for website: quantity or quality? The number makes no warranty that it will be better for profit. The profit here – not only money. You can send to your website, millions of users who are not interested in his subject, but who are willing can leave millions of comments like “very useful infa” or “the author well done, continue in the same vein,” and so on. In short, The заспамить. This number may cause the opposite effect for profit, and you need a bunch of unnecessary work. Quality is the target interested audience to your site. It is on it you need to do stop if the optimization.

4. To optimize the graphics, you can simply replace some of the drawings Other

Optimization – first of all, optimization of the text. With regard to the graphics, then this relates more to redesign.

5. To prepare the text for the site is complex and must be done only

with specialist website optimization is a ready site content and carried out all the necessary work. Preparation of the text itself is not the task of the optimizers. To prepare the text itself under the force and the owner of the site. The main thing that was the material from which the m


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