Indexing and Ranking Blogs In Google


Google constantly improves the principles and mechanisms of indexing. As the Internet is rapidly increases the number of blogs, Google is increasingly preferred the freshness of information. As a consequence this affects the speed of the Content Indexing Blogs and positioning of their pages in the database.

How Google indexes blogs? The whole process did not describe in one article. I will say briefly. The indexing occurs in two directions – indexing and ranking. The ranking content is almost at the same speed as the indexing. What affects the speed? Here are some factors: the

  • popularity of the blog the
  • number of backward links the
  • frequency of content updates

What does all this mean for bloggers? Identify some key points:

  1. blogs with low quality content, as well as with low popularity more and more difficulty in correct positioning in Google.
  2. High-quality content and blog capability is one of the decisive factors in search engine optimization.
  3. For the optimizers-spammers this complicates the task of creating an original and relevant content, due to the huge volume of different and sometimes similar information
  4. For the promotion of your blog more and more in demand the assistance of SEO specialists, since the optimization of today is almost in real time. This, in turn, requires the use of new mechanisms and methods of interactive marketing, because SEO is not a purely technical issue. With the launch of The SerchWiki this became even clearer.

Considering the current reality as blogger and those who are engaged in search engine optimization, promotion, marketing, etc., there is something to think about.

I wish all new creative successes!


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