High-Quality Steam Equipment – A Guarantee Of Safety And Continuous Operation Of The Whole Production


The application area of the steam is quite extensive, it is used both in industry and in everyday life. The own functional boiler equipment for today is available at almost every production. Steam received through special industrial boilers, it is possible to use not only in technological parosnabzhenii, it is considered rather practical way of heating of objects: industrial and auxiliary. As installations of heating and supply of hot water of industrial constructions and administrative complexes is used mainly water boiler.

Day by day there is a growing need for modular boiler rooms electrical systems, this is due primarily to the fact that they are easily transported, the procedure of their installation is relatively simple and does not imply the existence of a special permit.

The steam boiler is used to obtain steam obtained from combustion of fuel in the burner or the use of electricity for heating electric Tennov (economical electric boiler). Water is considered to be the working body of almost all such systems. Now often there are steam boilers, for example, steam boilers ICI, which are able to work on both gas and liquid and solid fuel.

Steam boilers differ among themselves on the principle of movement of TEPLOOBMENIVAJUSHHIHSJA Media, there are 2 categories: pipe steam boilers and tube steam boilers. In hot water flue boilers The essence of the process is as follows: The heated gas moves through the pipes, and the coolant is on the outside of the pipes. In water-pipe boilers, more popular in the last century, aqueous vapors and the coolant itself are inside pipes heated from external gases.

There is another parameter by which the steam systems are classified – this is the principle of circulation of the coolant. In this perspective, all installations can be either natural circulation or forced-type circulation. In the first type of boilers the movement is due to the difference in the density of the steam mixture, and secondly, it is provided with special pumps. Systems with forced circulation are distinguished on straight and with multiple-forced circulation (tubeless).

There is a separation of boilers and according to what principle of condensate return is realized in them. Separate closed and open types of PAROOBRAZUJUSHHIH systems. Open systems refer to high pressure systems. Pressure in them it is necessary to raise in order that condensation could in itself flow in a special condensate tank from which it returns to the boiler by means of the pump. Closed systems work at the expense of differential in pressure of condensate and steam, and are limited by physical level of a column of a condensate (basically to 1.5-2 m.). Similar boilers are added to the low-pressure plants – nepodnadzornym boilers, namely, to the systems which work at temperature mode up to 115 degrees, and pressure to 0, 7 bar.

A rather popular way to increase the efficiency of steam heating is the installation of a special design of the coil, it allows to accumulate thermal energy in the exhaust gases and increase the heat of the chimney. Such device, called Economiser Fuel, is widely operated in the heat power industry. Mainly, steel or cast iron economizers are made. In particular, economizer in fire steam boiler ICI tverdotoplivnom is a tubular device made of steel.

The technical condition of many parts of the boiler equipment depends primarily on the condition of the water itself. Various impurities, sediments, layer of scale and corrosion reduce the heat in the pipe, which also reduces the efficiency of the boiler, and in the future lead to emergency situations. It is to prevent such problems is the industrial Himvodopodgotovka, which makes it possible to guarantee the continuous operation of the entire system. The essence of this training is to filter the water, eliminating any precipitation, reduce the amount of minerals in it and soften it. The device in which the water is heated to boiling to exclude from its composition gases and, above all, O2 oxygen, which causes corrosion of the boiler mechanisms, is called atmospheric deaeration. There are deaerators of atmospheric and vacuum type: Atmospheric type are used in PAROOBRAZUJUSHHIH systems, vacuum type – in boilers intended only for water heating. The current requirements for steam boilers on liquid fuel assume the initial presence in them and deaerators and systems water.


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