Cross-Browser blog. It’s important!


Usually, users develop their sites or blogs for one particular browser. And, as a rule, it is the browser that they use themselves. However, when they download the pages of the site in other browsers, they can expect unpleasant surprises. What?

Most new sites are built on the basis of Cascading style sheets (CSS) or cascading style sheets. This is a very powerful technology that gives developers complete control over the appearance of their pages, ensuring that all the elements are placed in the right place.

Unfortunately, not all browsers interpret CSS commands in the same way. Because of what, the pages can overlap and duplicate text, “Swim” sidebars, etc. The only solution to this problem is to test your site on different browsers.

How much time do you spend on installing every single browser version on your computer? How long will it take to test? Think Scary. Fortunately, there is a service that all the routine work of testing will spend instead of you, and the results will be in the form of screenshots of your site in different browsers.

All this makes All you need to do is to dial the site address in the service request line, select the browsers to test, press the Enter button and wait for a few minutes.


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