Benefits Of Using Do follow Links


Briefly about the main: on my blog running DOFOLLOW. Now each external link to the commentator’s URL will not be closed by the nofollow attribute, as in other, all external links on the blog. What are the advantages of using DOFOLLOW?

It is known that by default WordPress closes all external links in the comments with the rel = ‘ external nofollow ‘ attribute. This means that your site will not be transferred to the PR commented blog (to tic it does not apply). Such link will not be counted by search robots and, accordingly, will not be indexed to increase the position of your site. The only thing that remains to the commentator is the presence of a URL to his site.

Using DOFOLLOW the picture becomes much more interesting. Here are some advantages of using DOFOLLOW:

  • Effective to increase the ranking of your site
  • Favorable condition for commenting
  • Rewarding commentators with indexed links
  • Great Way to Blog promotion

Why did I choose DOFOLLOW? It is important for me to communicate with those for whom I write. Commenting is also not a simple work. And any work should be rewarded.

In order for our relations to be favorable, let me remind a simple rule of ethics: “Do not Spamte”. Comments will be hard moderated. Comments like “Taking the opportunity, want to say hello” or “cool article” will be deleted. This includes advertising texts in the “Name” field, etc. For these purposes there are post and exchange links. Leave meaningful comments on the subject. Show respect and it will be shown to you.


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