5 Tips for Writing Timeless Content


Some time ago, I wrote that bloggers should focus on content that will always be relevant. Quote from the Post:

“… The articles you have written should be relevant and useful both today and in a month, a year, or perhaps five years. And even if you pause writing posts for a while, readers will still visit and read your blog as long as the information is of some value to them. “

Below you will find 5 practical tips on how to make your content more relevant, regardless of the topic you are disclosing:

1. Avoid words relating to time periods

When you reveal a particular topic, try to avoid words such as “Today”, “Yesterday” and expressions such as “lately”, “This Week” or “this month”. Why? If your blog is not news, then there is no chronology in it. So why should the reader give an excuse to associate an article with some specific timeframe, say with “Summer 2008 ″? On the other hand, the reader may think that the content is not so fresh, and therefore no longer has great value.

2. Specify the date of writing at the end of the article

The standard for many WordPress templates is posting the date of writing the article directly below the headline. I find this standard quite normal. And yet there is a nuance. For some readers the “not fresh” articles are similar to outdated news if they see that the article has been written for a long time. A good way to prevent this is to shift the date of writing to the end of the post.

3. Get rid of calendars

In one of the articles I have slightly disclosed this topic. If you are traveling on the blogosphere, you probably noticed a huge number of calendars on the sidebars. This feature can be useful if you are writing about time-bound events, such as travel. Then the reader will be able to accurately monitor the chronology of events. However, most bloggers write articles that do not depend on time. So you should ask yourself the following question: “Will my readers benefit from the calendar?”.

4. Get rid of monthly archives

The question of the appropriateness of using the calendar can also be attributed to the monthly archives. Do you use them often, where they are? Do they use your blog’s readers? The archive makes sense when the blog is traced, again, chronology of events or you want to reflect the age of the blog, which can affect its reputation in the eyes of readers. Personally I don’t use the file on the sidebar. For this there are more juzabilnye things. For the archive, I created a separate page that reveals the full list of articles by month, not just the month and the number of articles.

5. Give importance to posts containing news

Every now and then each blog reports some news. When you mention something that may already be irrelevant in a few months, be sure to give importance to such news. How can this be done? For example, you can comment on your post and ask to make your friends too, exchange links with blogs on the same subject.


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